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This warranty is applicable to Deer Creek Double Layer Tent only. For other products, please refer to our Exchange Policy.

This warranty is only valid and enforceable in Malaysia and will apply only if you have purchased the product from Camps & Apparels Corp. Sdn Bhd, or OUTPOST retail stores.

As the brand owner of Deer Creek, C&A has the sole right for the warranty and the right to alter, modify or in any way change the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Warranty Coverage:

  • Deer Creek Warranty will cover for ‘Repair’ only. Our warranty period varies by the parts of the tent and the maximum period is 1 year from your purchased date. We recommend you to check your item once you received it. 

Warranty Timeline: 

  1. Flysheet Pole, Fibre Rod - 1 Year

  2. Flysheet, Inner Tent, Groundsheet - 6 Months

How to Claim Your Warranty:

  1. Take pictures or video of the affected area. Please make sure your picture or video is not blurry.

  2. Send the picture or video to our representative here. Please inform us of the affected area in details so it will be easier for us to check and repair it.

  3. Our representative will send you the address for you to send your tent. 

Checking and Repair Timeline

  • We will take 10 working days to check and repair your tent. If it is taking longer than this timeline, please contact our representative here so we can look into this matter further.

*10 working days (4 days to check , 6 days to repair)

Shipment Cost:

  1. Manufacturing Defect

  • We will bear the shipping fee (from customer to our HQ and from our HQ to customer).

    2. Defect Due to Human Error

  • We will bear the shipping fee (from customer to our HQ)

  • Customer will bear the shipping fee (from our HQ to customer)

*Please be informed that if your tent is defected due to human error, charges will be applied.

**After obtaining your approval and the payment, we will proceed with the repairing process.

Warranty Exclusion:

  • The Warranty does not apply to other Deer Creek products or non-Deer Creek products, even if packaged or sold with a Deer Creek product and does not apply to any counterfeit products.

  • It will also not apply if the product has been exposed for commercial use such as rental or commercial accommodation.

Other Exclusions Include:

  1. Defect that come from normal use like tear, scratches, color fading

  2. Defect caused by accident, mishandling like dropping the product, misapplication, wrong assembling / disassembling the product.

  3. Defects caused by exposure to extreme natural conditions, liquid, or gasses

  4. Defects caused by third-party (courier)

  5. Defects caused by service (including repairs) performed by anyone other than Deer Creek authorized representative

  6. Defects caused by a modification of a product without Deer Creek’s permission

  7. Defects due to  external causes such as, but not limited to, water damage, exposure to sharp objects, exposure to excessive force, anomalies in the electrical current supplied to the product (if applicable), and extreme thermal or environmental conditions

How To Contact Us:

  • If you have any feedback, comments, questions, requests or other communications regarding warranty, please contact us at 60169847559 or email us at

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