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1. Prepare Shelter


Build a shelter with branches (bamboo works best) and rope. Use as many branches as possible for added stability and protection against the wind and weather. You can start a fire as well to provide light, cooked food, warmth and protection from predators and pesky bugs. Always set up perimeter defenses such as circling the camp with small branches and tree limbs or putting up strong barriers of wood, stone, or barbed wire.

2. Find Nourishment


Carve a knife or spear for hunting. If it’s dangerous to go out to hunt, set traps. Finding water in the first few days is vital. Signs accompanying dehydration are dry tongue, burning throat, and dark-brown urine, at first instances. Water can set the line between life and death. Remember you can only survive for a maximum of 3 days without water.

3. Get Help


Survival is your first priority, but don’t forget- you need to get rescued as well. Create a smoke signal or make noise to attract attention. If you hear a bunch of people near you, blow your whistle and call for help. That will get their attention and you'll likely be rescued.

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