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Raptor Watch 2018

The birds are calling, and I must go.

Thanks to Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) once again, Outpost Camping was able to join the Raptor Watch event this year at Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve. The annual event held for two days straight from 10th to 11th of March 2018 and hundreds of people came to celebrate the return of the migratory raptors on their journey back to their breeding grounds in the northern hemisphere.

On the first day, we arrived there approximately at 7.30am to set our booths and prepare for the event. Despite being there early, we could see many visitors, both young and old, hiking their way up to the lighthouse. Groups of students, friends and families were carrying their binoculars, excited to watch the raptors in action. For that two days, we reached out to them with our exclusive offers as well as attractive games. Sure enough, our special discounts and interactive games attracted many Raptor Watch goers to our booth and it was such a pleasant experience to interact with every one of them.

We were all smiles when we saw how much children, students and even adults enjoyed the games we brought. We had the Penguin Game where participants needed to balance the ice cubes with the goal of not dropping the penguin. During the games, there were cheers as well as excitement from the crowds and some even asked where we got the game (Psttt..secret). Other than that, we also had another mini interaction game where we put up puzzle pieces of a raptor bird and hid it around the area. Through the lens of the monocular we provided for the game, participants need to find out which raptor the puzzle belonged to and the fastest guesser would win prizes from us! That day, we gave out many prizes to our winners and in exchange, we received happy faces.

The two-day event went by too quickly and before we knew it, we were packing our things and saying goodbyes. It had been a wonderful experience, being able to educate and interact with the community that loves nature. With that, we hope to raise the awareness on the importance of nature and teach fellow Malaysians to embrace nature.

Till next time!

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