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DEER CREEK at Sunway Putra Mall

Deer Creek is back for the second time! We had an amazing 10 days at Sunway Putra Mall's Sport Travel event from 8th September to 17th September 2017. It was tiring for all of us but it was definitely worth it!

Over the course of 10 days, we have received, talked and interacted with more than 1000 customers and friends who were delighted with our services, activities and outdoor products.

We've served customers from Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, United Kingdoms and many more nationalities from around the world.

Our Deer Creek tents are one of our best selling products. Customers fell in love with our tents when they experienced and felt its quality and material. It was so well received that our 8 Men Tent ran out of stock and we had to sold off our last sample tent and replaced it with a 6 Men Tent.

Ah, also not to forget our signature games: Archery. Over the course of 10 days, we've received more than 1000 people playing our archery games.

Over 40 people won our Deer Creek Colonial Knives worth RM58.

(P.S. Guys, can you stop being so accurate?)

We've also expanded our range of products to include bags, pouches, hats, walking sticks, many outdoor accessories. Now a montage of our beautiful shot product photos.

We would like to thank everyone for contributed to the success of this event. Thanks Karen and its team from Sunway Putra for giving us this opportunity to come in.

Also, we would like to thank our part timers:

1) Master Salesman Dominic

2) Food Expert Tyran

3) Auntie Charmer Jacky Tan

4) Wushu Guy Jay Ho

5) Cheryl-not-Cherry

6) Funky Ling

These photos were taken by our amazing photographer, Kin Wee the Dude.

PM us if you want some amazing photos taken.

Last but not least, let's thank our staff:

1) Andrew-the-non-stop-working-guy

2) Cheng the Outdoor Man

3) Khairul the other Hairier Outdoor Man

4) Ismail the Seafood Lover

5) Li Chin the Super Woman

6) Soke Ming the Blurry Vision coordinator

7) Azmil the Bro

8) Iskandar a.k.a Alexander

9) JJ (Self Tap My Back)

We'll save the best for the last: WE ARE GOING TO BE AT ONE UTAMA


it's important, hence thrice the mention.

We'll be there from 29th Sept to 1st Oct

See you guys there!

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