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Main Challenge to Save Wildlife - World Wildlife Day

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Animals vs Humans: are we the same? There are people who believe that humans have a distinctive difference from animals while some thinks that we are a part of the animal kingdom too(evolution from the Great Apes). However, I believe the answer to the question remains vague.

"Animals", what do they mean to you?

Many adopts popular pet animals like dogs and cats but there are some that rears rodents like guinea pigs and hamsters;reptiles like turtle, chameleons or snakes; avian like parrots and canaries, not forgetting the aquatic pets like goldfish too! While some has animals as pets which strikes up with controversies on adoption and buying, some is against the idea of having animals as pets. Whichever way they choose to think or believe, at the very least, personally I would like to think that it still means that these people care about the animals. It is true that more and more people are aware of the importance to care for other living organisms on Earth. However, there are still some that shows lack of concern and solely think for themselves only. Hence, the main challenge to save animals is the lack of education. The members of the public has to be educated on the importance of balancing the ecosystem on mother Earth and embrace the co-existence between homo sapiens, flora and fauna. Major threats towards wildlife have never plead human innocent as almost all endangered species face extinction due to habitat change, trafficking, or over-exploitation. Once humans are nurtured, and have become civilized, their mentality will change to care for others.

Today, the 3rd of March 2017 may just be any other Friday for you, but as for some environmentalist or wildlife lovers, we celebrate World Wildlife Day. This year, it is themed as "Listen to the Young Voices", as we highlight the importance of educating future leaders and decision makers to act on protecting endangered wildlife in the world. Each and every one of us, has a role to play, and we can make a difference. Show humanness, hustle your love for wildlife, save mother Earth.

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