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Raptor Watch 2017

Listening to the chirping sound of the birds and watching them flap their wings fearlessly across the blue sky in flocks. What more could we ask for on a beautiful Saturday morning on the 11th of March 2017. This year, Outpost was honored to be invited by Malaysian Nature Society to be at Raptor Watch 2017 at Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve. *A big shout out to MNS for having us!*

That day, we reach out to all the participants with exclusive offers and attractive activities. We had a major 50% off promotion on selected items such as Deer Creek dry bags and binoculars alongside with other promotions and discounts we held for the Raptor Watch goers. There were groups of kids, families, friends and even colleagues who went there together. It was an interactive experience with fellow customers who enjoyed trying out using our binoculars and on that day, we have our Product Specialist, Mr. Khairul to teach and guide users on the right ways to use a binocular. *Lucky you to those who went!*

Other than that, we certainly did not forget to prepare fun activities to engage with our participants too. We prepared VR videos for participants to experience a 3-D flying experience in conjunction with this year's "Fly with Raptor, Fly with Outpost" theme that we chose. This VR experience definitely is an eye opener to most participants as not many is exposed to this 3-D technology yet. Although some elderly complained about being dizzy for a little while after watching but all kids loved it and kept asking for more! Besides, we also prepared information of the top 5 frequently spotted species in Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve which attracted many students to read and take photographs of the information to aid in their reports. Many university and high school students drop by to gather bird information they needed.

Not only we are glad to have a chance to educate, interact and be a part of the community, it is definitely a heartwarming scene to see everyone get together to watch birds and experience nature. We care about nature and we hope to increase awareness of the importance of nature and teach young and old to embrace it.

Outpost Camping, your adventure begins here.

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