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DEER CREEK shows up at HistoryCon 2017

Deer Creek Booth Overview

DEER CREEK made its first public appearance at the first ever HistoryCon organized in Malaysia by History Channel and we are proud to be a part of this historic moment.

It was turning point for both HistoryCon and Deer Creek as we were having our first.

Deer Creek has always been the prime brand for Outpost outdoor division products and over the years, we've received immensely positive feedback for our Deer Creek products with its high quality and affordable pricing.

This is why we had to take a step further and branch out to establish Deer Creek.

Customer Viewing Deer Creek Sleeping Bag

We were unsure at first but our worries were erased when customers started reacting the same positive way to our physical booth on the event days of HistoryCon itself.

Our product range of Deer Creek Sleeping Bags, Camp Bed, Tents, Foldable Chairs, Knives were popular with the customers after they laid their hands and felt the quality for themselves.

Customer Viewing Deer Creek Tent

Deer Creek counter

Besides selling products, we also had games and activities at our booth. One of the highlight was our archery game where it attracted more than 1000 visitors to our booth.

Deer Creek Archery

Men, women, children, the elderly, the organizing crew, fellow vendors and basically everyone was crazy over our archery game. We gave out a total of 30 Deer Creek Colonial Knife worth RM58 to 30 lucky winners over the course of 3 days!

Also, we had our "How Many Can You Fit" tent contest where we see how many people in a group can fit into our Deer Creek 2 Men Tent. We were expecting 10 would be the limit, but a group from University Malaya made it possible with 20 fully grown adults fitting inside this tent! Winners get to bring home a Deer Creek 2 Men Tent.

This contest was so interesting that Simon Yin from Hidden Cities Extreme had to attempt it!


(Also, did I mention Jaime Dempsey from Ride N Seek actually came to our booth and was interested in getting our sleeping bag?)

Also there's this cute little kid that I can't, I just can't not show him here! Look how adorable he is playing with our chair.

Cute Kid Deer Creek

Last but not least, million thanks to our dedicated team who helped tirelessly throughout the 3 days event. There were more of them but some of them were on other shift or were away for other task. We appreciate you guys and also big thanks to our photographers, Kin Wee & Ismail.

Team Deer Creek

See you guys on the next event and don't forget the secret location: 1U

(P.S. I bet you guys can't guess which one is me)

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