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Top 5 hiking trails around Klang Valley


Bukit Tabur is a magnificent limestone ridge at Taman Melawati in Kuala Lumpur. It may possibly be the longest crystal quartz outcrop in the world, a geological wonder right next to the city. The ridge supports a type of heath forest, characterised by dry vegetation and plants that have adapted to growing on steep and harsh terrain. Climbing up the hill, visitors can see 250 species of small coniferous-like trees, shrubs, creepers, orchids and moss, including five endemic species of plants. Contained within much of the limestone are beautiful (but commercially worthless) quartz crystals, many which have been chipped off by visitors at exposed areas. Running in a semi-circle at more than 14 km long and 200 meters wide, the most prominent section is the middle 5 km span that lies behind Taman Melawati all the way to the National Zoo.

This is a challenging, but definitely rewarding hike, the views are majestic. You’ll see the Klang Gates Dam, as well as the Melawati hills on one side, and the KL skyline on the other side. Team up with experienced hikers who have climbed it before instead of attempting to do this on your own. You’ll need a climbing permit from the Forestry Department in Cheras (get this on a weekday earlier) as no permit is issued at the entrance of Bukit Tabur. Trekking is permitted only on Thurs, Sat, Sun and public holidays from 8.30am to 5pm.


For avid hikers and bikers within the confines of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Bukit Kiara's routes and technical trails are just about the best in the area.The trail roads stretch 15 kilometers but these trails are diminishing. Owned and maintained by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, many segments of Kiara's lush greenery have been compromised for development, mostly attributed to the manifestation of Vision 2020.

You don’t need to go far to experience nature, and Bukit Kiara certainly has plenty to offer. You can choose how you want to hike, with several trails ranging from tarmac road to the cool shaded trails in the forest. These are all clearly marked and used very frequently by hikers, runners, and cyclists. There are many tiny waterfalls, as well as plenty of plants, birds, monkeys and other peaceful creatures to gawk at.


Tucked into the suburbs of Petaling Jaya, Bukit Gasing is a favoured weekend forest retreat for the people of PJ. What used to be an abandoned rubber plantation has now blossomed into a lush forest splat in the middle of suburbia. People come here over the weekend for a nice hike through well-worn paths which lead to the lookout point at 160m, offering sweeping views of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. If you’re adventurous, you could also stray off the basic track onto many tiny little trails covering the entire forest reserve.

The total area of Bukit Gasing covers more than 100 hectares. The hill top area itself, where the Telekom tower and the Hindu temple are located, covers about 10.6 hectares.


Ah Pek (Old Man) hill, part of the Bukit Putih forest reserve is a popular spot for hikers. You can find hikers there almost anytime throughout the day, from as early as 6.00 am till 6.00 pm. The 5 km trail itself consists of a mix of flat terrain as well as moderate and steeper climbs, and can be completed within 1.5 hours. There is also a small waterfall nearby that hikers can take a detour to enjoy a refreshing splash. This hike has multiple trails of different difficulties which could pose a challenge even for the fittest, but the main hike is manageable and there’s also a large clearing where the regulars rendezvous at.


Gunung Nuang is the highest mountain of Selangor, at 1,493m with trails that start from either Hulu Langat, Janda Baik (Bukit Tinggi) or Kemensah (Gombak, near Kuala Lumpur). The most popular route is through Hulu Langat, and it is not uncommon to see the trail overrun by people on weekends. For the moderately fit, the duration to reach the peak is a deceptive four to five hours, but only when dry.

Paths are wide and there are several campsites as well as pretty waterfalls to rest at, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is an easy trek in the woods. We suggest training up your stamina before attempting this mountain, but once you conquer it you’ll get to enjoy the breathtaking views from the summit.

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