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Festival of Wings 2016

Hello guys, how are you? Are you feeling good today? I wish all of you are in a pink of health. Today, I have something interesting to be shared. It is about Festival of Wings 2016 that held at Taman Alam Kuala Selangor on 22 October last week. That was super duper enjoyable and fun activity. I am pretty sure for those who came there very enjoyed and had experiences a lot.

Actually, our main purpose to join this program are to spread the knowledge and information about binocular to the beginners that do not know how to using it. Our objective seem achieved because majority of the visitor who came to our booth were zero knowledge about how to use the binocular.

The excitement we can see from their eyes where they were very focus and committed to what we were sharing about. For them, this activity was not only to enjoy, but give a lot of information as well.

See, Miss Selangor also came to our booth. Wow, how so lucky we are. Haha...

Such a great performance...

Yes, I believe it was such a great day, great festival and a beautiful moment for all of us. We enjoyed a lot. Thank you so much for those who came there and support this program. Really happy to see you guys. Hope to see you in another events. We value our partnership with Malaysian Nature Society and we hope you all enjoyed the experience just as we did!

Have a good day ahead everyone!

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