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Introducing Outpost Colonial Knife

Today, we brought our newest toy to a photoshoot. Its eye-catching design matches perfectly with the marine background. Let us introduce you to our new product, the Outpost Colonial Knife (Product Code: 1700532).

This knife is designed for marine/naval use as it is specifically designed to cut ropes, tie knots and all naval related uses.

With its classic design resembling knives from the 2nd World War, this knife is a collector's favourite!

The stainless steel blade is extremely resistant to rust and durable. We also provide 3 months warranty for any manufacturing defect.

Product Details Closed length : 12cm Open Length : 22cm Width : 4 cm Thickness : 2mm Weight : 140.6 grams Color : Black Blade : Stainless Steel Handle : Plastic

This blade is for any of you who are campers, survivors, hunters and even collectors. Will this be your new favourite toy? Tell us in the comment below!

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