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Grand Opening Ceremony of the 24th Outlet - MetroPoint Complex, Kajang

On 11th of January, we are honoured to have Mr. Nazar bin Mat, Deputy Director of Co-Curricular and Arts Department, Ministry of Education Malaysia to officiate the opening ceremony of our 24th Outpost Outlet in Kajang. This ceremony also creates a platform for the community to closely engage with each other as we have invited various school teachers, uniform officials as well as the Kajang community members in conjunction to the event. The attendees who came to witness this historical moment were all dressed in their complete set of uniforms that definitely added a gist of formality and professional sense to the atmosphere. (where else could you get to see all the different uniform bodies unite in an event?)

Mr. Nazar, the VVIP of the day mentioned that, students should participate actively in their co-curriculum activities especially the uniform bodies as that is where it shapes their personalities and it paves way to reach the full potential one can achieve. We at Outpost certainly agree with Mr. Nazar's point of view and we hope to continue working closely with the Ministry of Education in efforts to inspire Malaysian youths.

Well, all great events have to be accompanied by GOOD food ! (well, what else do you look forward to in an event? *wink ) At the end of the event, the attendees were served with delicious noodles and desserts. Most of them particularly like the cheese tarts and brownies and they were asking for more! (*Shhh* dont tell anyone but i personally had.... at least 5)

We are happy to see everyone get together, build relationships, connect ideas, and work together to build a better community all in a direction; for the betterment of future leaders. Besides, we would like to send our utmost gratitude to fellow community members for their constant support and making this expansion possible. (*shouting* THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! :D )

Also, there is a party we would like to show our gratitude to..... which is..... *drums roll*.... the Metro Point Complex Management for contributing the place and the equipments required for the event. :) *you guys are the most down to earth and friendly management ever!* And to the crews , thank you all for all the hard works and the constant back up provided in making this event a memorable one ;) Cheers !

-the Outpost Family- *missing Kak Su, Wawa & Ismail*

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